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Why Us?

Each day we at MySource Consulting arrive to work thrilled at the opportunity of working with job candidates who are brimming with enthusiasm. We challenge ourselves daily to create synergistic relationships between our clients and our network of consultants. Who would not be excited about placing people in jobs they love with the best companies in the Pacific Northwest?

Our Industry Expertise

IT-Project Management and Business Analysis
Finance and Accounting
Marketing and Communications

Our Mission

To create synergistic relationships as we partner to match pillars of our business communities and only the brightest talent. Building upon our highly coveted reputation and referral-based network, we ensure our candidates are the highest caliber available, thoroughly vetted and matched beyond skill sets to achieve long-term objectives, team fit, and corporate culture fit.

Our Business Model

We provide a boutique approach to dive beyond a resume. This model creates a quality-centric, referral-driven, personalized approach to an industry which has become diluted and has slowly moved from the high standards we feel are necessary. This approach isn’t new, in fact it is rooted in the concepts of personalized care, QUALITY over quantity, understanding the whole person with depth and collaboration. We offer basic standards that should prevail, particularly in the private business realm through a referral-driven approach. Practices of our model include bringing individuals together through roundtables and other events, sharing valuable insights and knowledge with other professionals and clients.

MySource carefully partners with our consultants and our clients to help them both with each element necessary to allow maximum success in a given project or role. Experienced professionals don’t desire “a job”-they desire a step in their career doing what they love day in and day out generating successful outcomes with their performance. They want to bring value and results. This is also true for managers who don’t want to just “fill a chair”-they want extraordinary work accomplished by people who bring a team to a higher tier of efficiency.

We have a strong foot-hold in IT and have a new team that provides an expansion in our recruitment offerings:
IT-Project Management and Business Analysis
Finance and Accounting
Marketing and Communications

Our Story

Teena has an unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit and love of business. Through her varied professional roles, she noticed workforce concepts and opportunities that, for whatever reason, were not progressing in times that demanded them. She saw how employees longed for a professional atmosphere where virtual work is trusted and respected, flex hours are a way of life, and people actually do what they love and bring value every day.

After more than 20 years in staffing, HR and marketing, and as a single parent, Teena knows how she can make an impact on the world. She has a dream of providing an environment where people can make a living on their own terms in order to find the balance necessary to be valued both at work and home. Teena has always been driven and goal oriented. Buying and fixing up homes, traveling to distant lands and immersing herself in their cultures, as well as actively working on diversity-focused boards. However, these adventures have all served as side interests while pursuing her true passion—helping others be successful.

The wheels are now in motion—Teena is leading a trend toward more creative work environments designed to inspire excellence. She believes employees will bring tremendous value and loyalty to their employers when they are treated as responsible and accountable adults. They will be respected for their high quality work, and for doing their daily best to make their company, team or project successful. The idea of “failure’s not an option” is not just a saying, but is the foundation on which every decision is made.

teena our story

MySource Consulting is the brain child—the rough structure—to help highly skilled talent get the jobs they love in the companies they respect; likewise, MySource strives to make certain companies are succeeding in their goals because they have the right people for the right jobs. This approach goes beyond technical skills. Personality styles and values are also considered ensuring everyone is fully committed to a business vision.

If more employers, HR departments, recruiters, managers, and business owners took the time necessary to find and retain the right people in the same fashion as MySource Consulting, turnover would be less of an issue, and businesses would stabilize and thrive. Happy, healthy employees are more focused on assuring employers are meeting their objectives, which leads to success. Although, from a “staffing industry” viewpoint, this approach is not the quickest way to build a business, but it is the right way to build a responsible business—for all parties involved—the job seekers and the employers. It is Teena’s vision that MySource Consulting, its staff and consultants will always provide the very best people in our focus areas and build great project teams around top talent.


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What They Say About Us

Rick H., Telecom Industry

“I hired Teena and her company to create an outsourced solution that would deliver the network nodes on time and within budget. She accomplished all the requirements of the SOW in record time and with high quality. I knew then she was a keeper as a vendor.”

Teri W., Technology Industry

“Their Project Management focused business aligns well with my operation, and their personalized service is tailored to meet my specific needs. They take the time to understand my requirements, my team, and my culture to ensure the staff they send me accurately fit within my environment.”

Our Journey to the Cloud

We may be a boutique firm but we’re ahead of the game in terms of the cutting edge technologies we use. Our organization uses Office 365, a revolutionary technology that helps small business maintain an office “in the cloud.”

Read our story about our journey to the cloud and learn what we are excited about and how we managed to keep a balancing act to be productive and grow the business without losing our personal touch.

Visions of the Cloud

Our Consultants

Our Boutique Approach

Lets go beyond a job description. Placing talent in a position is more than just finding the proper skill set. MySource prides itself on our boutique-based business model, taking the time to get to know each and every candidate on a wholistic level. This knowledge and relationship goes a long way in making the right fit, both for talent and the companies that need their skills. We know if our consultants are healthy, happy, and challenged in their work, then our clients are content as well. We call that a win/win/win.

Our Industry Expertise

IT-Project Management and Business Analysis
Finance and Accounting
Marketing and Communications

Your Perks

You work hard so we think you should have job security through priority placement, competitive wages and compensations based on market and experience, flexibility (flex-hours, virtual, contract-to-hire, or short-term contract), and more. As our consultant, you are eligible for 75% paid medical and dental coverage, life insurance (accidental death and both short-term and long-term disability coverage are supplemented), paid enrollment in Passport Unlimited for duration of contract/assignment, as well as other benefits.

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Your Success is Our Success

“The man who does his best has done everything -Charles M. Schwab. This is so true and when I think of your team. Since I have had the privilege of being a part of your Team, you have ALWAYS done your best to make me feel special and grateful that I am a part of the MySource family. I want you to know that I consider you all ‘top notch’ and the best of the best! Please know that all of your efforts, large or small, are so appreciated!”
— Joanne


I met Cathy when her company, MySource Consulting, participated in the first semi-annual Puget Sound Chapter of PMI Trade Show. Since that time, her company has been an ardent supporter and role modeling an excellent placement firm. I’ve also been placed by Cathy’s company in a firm and seen the impressive customer service that is provided to both the client and to the contracted resources. She is excellent at identifying strengths and opportunities and matching up needs with talent. Her written and verbal communication skills are impeccable. I enjoy working with Cathy and will continue to do so.”
— Cass

Our Core Team